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    Hi all, I must say that PageStream 4 works perfectly under MorphOS 3.x, even though the program
    is veeeeery old, it still can be used even professionnaly for industrual production (that's what I use it for).
    With very old I want to say about feaures missing for todsays layout needs, like transparency, color blending,
    able to use otf fonts, cms color calibration, etc, etc. All these features will be in PageStream 5.x for MorphOS
    when it will be available.

    Now about the fonts, I have all fonts that I use with PageStream4 in a subdir in PageStream4 dir called fonts
    and then other dirs with different font types, like ttf etc.

    It looks like this:

    In the user-startup I have:
    ;BEGIN PageStream
    Assign PageStream: "System:PageStream" DEFER
    Assign PageStream3: "System:PageStream" DEFER
    Assign PageStream4: "System:PageStream" DEFER
    Assign SoftLogik: "PageStream:SoftLogik" DEFER
    Assign Fonts: "PageStream:SoftLogik/Fonts" ADD
    ;END PageStream

    If you run PageStream4 under MorphOS 3.x you need to select a 16bit Screen because there seem to
    be a bug in PageStream which does not show text on a 24bit Screen!!!

    And last to run PageStream4 without problems you need to delete de CSets folder in the Softlogik folder.

    That's more or less all to run PageStream4 under MorphOS 3.x

    BTW, I only use postscript fonts (Adobe Type 1 .afm and .pfb) because I always print to postscript printers and these fonts give the best results and printing is fast!

    Hope this helps

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