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    I have been having this FONT issue with Pagestream since I started using MorphOS, and I still haven't got it to work AT ALL, even with your idea, but then I'm not sure by saying

    I have installed them all in Pagestream/Fonts - every font-family in its own directory and marked them in PS/Systemprefs (for each family an entry) - thats all.

    Where is PS on MorphOS - or do you mean the menu Pagestream/System Preferences - as that makes no difference for me on my Mac Mini running MOS 3.2.

    I have added the MOSSYS:Fonts directory - makes no difference
    I have added the SYS:Fonts directory - makes no difference

    I already have the folders for Pagestream assigned - during installation

    So I have:

    Assign PageStream4: "Work:PageStream"
    Assign SoftLogik: "PageStream:SoftLogik"
    Assign Fonts: "PageStream:SoftLogik/Fonts" ADD

    Is there some other assign that allows Pagestream to function correctly with fonts, or do the fonts need to be moved into another folder(s) to get the MorphOS system to "see"" them, and Pagestream to recognise they are there and utilise them - it really is a weird, and perplexing problem to resolve, for me, and it seems for others as well..

    I have all the PageStream fonts in their correct drawers, and I have also copied some of the fonts to the Pagestream Fonts directory itself in the vain hope that Pagestream would find them in there and allow me to use the program at last, but no luck.
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