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    matt3 wrote: Ok, almost got this working thanks to your help, thank you!

    No problem, glad to be able to help you out of the situation, and get the benefit of printing to your HP 6217 inkjet printer. 8-)

    matt3 wrote: I have a turbo print driver specifically for this printer, and I went to the post script tab and reviewed the following: Ghostscript/bin:GS -sDEVICE=turboprint -q . . . It can't find the turboprint device.

    So, the Ghostscript application has its own DEVICE, namely GS: which you quote in the option Device in the PostScript printer option of the same name. Likewise the Turboprint device driver for that application also has it's own device, that being PS:. You can of course just use the Bitmap File option instead of the PostScript File option in the PageStream Printer Setup (Preferences) and use the Turboprint printer driver to print out the file that way, or as I said you can save the file as a PDF and then print it as you would any other PDF that you print out with your MorphOS system and your printer.

    I hope this has answered your current problem, and enabled you to print out whatever you create with PageStream. 8-D
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