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    Ok, almost got this working thanks to your help, thank you!

    I have a turbo print driver specifically for this printer, and I went to the post script tab and reviewed the following:
    Ghostscript/bin:GS -sDEVICE=turboprint -q

    It can't find the turboprint device.


    NewSense wrote:

    matt3 wrote: Really done some nice work with it!

    You can of course save a document as a PDF, and then print it out as you normally would, but if you've used PNGs in the file then they may not print out as expected, so it's better to use TIFF currently - the PNG 'thing' (bug) has been reported. ;-)

    matt3 wrote: I have a HP Deskjet 6127. It prints fine with stuff like final writer, but when I go to print in PS it says Bitmap or PostScript Printer and doesn't have ability to print.

    I had a quick look at your printer spec and it seems it is a raster printer, so it probably came with a PCL printer driver, and is NOT PostScript capable. However, you can use Ghostscript or Turboprint's PS option to print out as though it were a PostScript file, or hopefully you can just find a compatible HP PCL5 desktop inkjet printer driver in Turboprint that will do what you need more simply, though the printout resolution may be noticeably/slightly lower than PostScript. 8-)
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