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    UPDATE - In the PageStream Forum - the GREEN LIGHT - for any additional icon set, with regard directly to the FREE replacement coloured icon set offer by discreetfx

    This is not to detract from all the effort that Christoph Poelzl (rms) has already put in, but maybe 2 icon sets are better than 1! 8-D

    Just thought I'd keep you all up-to-date with what Deron Kazmaier stated on the PageStream forum only a day or so ago - if none of you had noticed it yourselves ...


    2022-12-15 06:44:12 CT 2 by Deron Kazmaier (author/programmer of PageStream v5.1.2)

    First I am hearing of it, but I'm not active on other forums. Another users has been creating some icons also, but I don't know the status. Another has offered to do them in .SVG (vector) if I add an SVG filter ;-) Any custom icons can actually be installed from an independent package.

    If I ever including anyone's work, it would be with their permission, under whatever terms we agreed to which would include attribution at the very least. The problem is it is a lot of work, little riches/glory/fame, and an incomplete set is almost useless. Would look funny having a couple dozen icons all fancy, and the rest looking like, well, what it looks like now which is the opposite of fancy and we will leave it at that ;-) Better for the distribution to look consistently bad instead of looking like a ransom note.

    TLDR - Yes. If Bill/DiscreetFX or anyone else developed a full set of icons, I would include them and give credit.

    So, I have sent discreetfx an email to let him know, as I said I would, and I am waiting to hear back from him on his decision from hearing this encouraging reply from Deron Kazmaier.

    Also, I thought it also might be a bonus and benefit, that I hadn't thought of before, for us to have the option to use different Toolbar & Toolbox sets of icons, as with our choice of pointers on Ambient, just by swapping over the relevant .rsc file in the main PageStream directory, and keeping a folder with spare Toolbar-Toolbox icons .rsc files in there, with thumbnails, just in case any user fancied a change of appearance of PageStream's tools.

    This is all conjecture at this point, but it would be a minimal change to PageStream, because as far as I am aware it would just requires the replacement, swapping over, of the .rsc file for the icon set to implement it by a user, so no additional programming would be required, just checking that it works correctly by Deron and others developing PageStream currently.

    I wonder if anyone else has any other ideas or thoughts on this topic, as I would appreciate any constructive reply here from any other user(s) that we can all benefit from. 8-D
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