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    @ discreetfx - Bill, that's a really nice offer . . . you're at it again, and it isn't even Christmas yet !! 8-D

    If you prefer, as you have previously offered this service to Deron you probably have direct contact details for him, or you can use the well known site forums via Forums @ PageStream.net or directly via the program website's contact email: support@pagestream.org.

    Or if you would prefer me to contact him then I will, but the offer might be better coming directly from you, IMHO.

    However, if you just want the Toolbar and Toolbox icons to be getting on with re-designing, then I can pass you the set either unarchived or archived to see what is involved. There are quite a few of them, and they are numbered rather than named, if I remember correctly, so you have to ensure you modify the one that you intend to be shown in your latest version so it matches/represents the icon intended. 8-)

    I feel sure, that if agreement was reached with Deron then he would give you credit in the program's About details, and probably the documentation &/or website credits for such an improvement. I know I would :-D
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