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    @ jacadcaps - I am not trying to blame MorphOS, I am just highlighting that when using PageStream v5.1.2 by not having that option 'Enhanced Display' active (which I know you have a vested interest in as it's one of your "creations / implementations") causes the system freeze to be triggered - it's as simple as that. 8-)

    I passed the details to Frank Mariak and Deron Kazmaier, quite a while ago, soon after its release, sometime around mid September, so it has been known for about 10 weeks already. However, I am still waiting for an update from them as to any solution to fix this issue, but the MUI option is what allows me to avoid/trigger the issue/freeze that is affecting this happening with PageStream. :-)

    I should also add that Frank seemed to confirm that this was seeming to be an issue within MUI back then, in a reply message to me, but insufficient work had been done back then to identify the exact issue. ;-)

    I also thought this information was overdue to be passed to everyone else who had paid for PageStream v5.1.2 for MorphOS so they knew of such pitfalls, and how to avoid them happening, or that they are known issues. ;-)

    If anyone else has come across any other anomalies then by all means post them here as we all need to know if there are issues to be avoided. 8-D
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