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    rms wrote: It's not perfect yet, but I do work with it every day, at least 8 hours per day and do very very rarely have a problem where the application freezes.

    What has caused it to freeze for you? :-?

    Maybe we should all know of each and every freeze so that as many bugs can be removed, and is Deron and Frank already aware of these issues/freezes you have encountered? :-?

    I should also like to thank you, and your son, for all your work with Deron and Frank to get it to where it currently is right now.

    I also would like to know if you are still working on the PageStream icon/tool/gadget set and trying to improve their appearance, as some of them still need an overhaul, one in point is the "Save as PDF" as it doesn't have anything on the icon that indicates it is specifically for PDF saving as there is no usual PDF logo or graphic on it at all, and who uses a floppy disk these days anyway? :-?

    rms wrote: I wouldn't say that PageStream5 is very limited for now, as mentioned by NewSense, as I use it professionally in many different ways, DTP of simple full color flyer's, through brochures to big posters and light boxes, signage, etc. but also for simple stuff, such as a word processor.

    My comment about it being 'very limited' was based on encountering the "freeze" and not being able to find a way around it in a timely manner and so wanted other intended buyers to be aware of this pitfall, as I didn't want even MorphOS users getting stuck with PageeStream and us get to the situation that v5.0.5.8 was in for 15 years with no way forward ... until now! ;-)

    My concern was that if it wasn't fixed or bypassed somehow (which I have since found a way to do for now) then it definitely would be 'very limited' as "Create Text Frames" is a very important menu option, and one that cannot simply be ignored or overlooked in day-to-day use with PageStream. :-)

    Christoph, I am glad you have said something now as the silence has been 'deafening' and as you have more insight into its day-to-day use than anyone else in the MorphOS community then it is your professional use of it that should have a voice and speak up for us to know more of your findings, and what other issues there are, however minor, so that we can be aware of what might happen if we use a certain feature that is still being worked on by Frank and Deron.

    rms wrote: IMO, PageStream5 is really a great application for MorphOS, for professional and home use, versatile in many many ways!

    I agree with that, but that is when it gets to where it is running stably with no apparent "freezing" or other "lockups" occuring. 8-D

    rms wrote: For sure a lot of effort and work was put into it to have it already nicely running, though even more will be needed to make it as perfect as possible. So I can just encourage everyone, use it and test it as much as possible and submit your findings.

    You first .... if you're OK with that? :-? ... Monsieur PageStream. 8-D

    rms wrote: Happy DTP to all ;-)

    Yes, happy DTP to all of us who have 'taken the plunge' and acquired PageStream v5.1.2 for MorphOS. :lol:
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