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    All in all, to keep this short, I can confirm that PageStream5 for MorphOs does work very well on my G5 2.3 GHz.

    It's not perfect yet, but I do work with it every day, at least 8 hours per day and do very very rarely have a problem where the application freezes.

    I wouldn't say that PageStream5 is very limited for now, as mentioned by NewSense, as I use it professionally in many different ways, DTP of simple full color flyer's, through brochures to big posters and light boxes, signage, etc. but also for simple stuff, such as a word processor.

    IMO, PageStream5 is really a great application for MorphOS, for professional and home use, versatile in many many ways!

    For sure a lot of effort and work was put into it to have it already nicely running, though even more will be needed to make it as perfect as possible. So I can just encourage everyone, use it and test it as much as possible and submit your findings.

    Happy DTP to all ;-)
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