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    jPV wrote:
    I'm wondering if the Pro version is worth the extra money, but so far I haven't found more specific information about it.

    At the Overview page it says: "The professional version of PageStream includes a number of add ons that were sold seperately as well as advanced typographic and graphics capabilities.", but is there a list of these add-ons somewhere and do they work with the MorphOS version of the program? And do these advanced capablities affect on MorphOS?

    I don't know the direct answer to your query, but what I do know is that after you've purchased the standard version (as I did last week) you can then purchase the upgrade for the additional $50 price difference between them anyway.

    If anybody does know what the Pro version adds I would like to know as well.

    It also appears, although I have not tested this, that when you purchase the MorphOS version you also get access to older Amiga versions of the program, as they appear in the downloads list.
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