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    Travis_H wrote: The version I've used for years on Amithlon and Morphos is version Unfortunately, when I upgraded my MacMini with an SSD, PageStream stopped working.

    The v4.1.5.6 of PageStream I have used for about 20 years, and it still works on MorphOS v3.17, but there are sometimes issues with setting up the fonts for it to function correctly under MorphOS, but once that is achieved then it runs very well indeed. 8-D

    However, I'm much more likely to stick with the natively coded version 5.1.2 of PageStream that I was lucky enough to test before it was released, that was brought about by Frank Mariak of MorphOS fame. I even think Deron Kazmaier, PageStream's author, would agree that without Frank - and I should also rightfully mention the assistance of Christoph Poelzl (& his son) that the situation would have ended entirely differently - as in probably been at an end of any future PageStream versions for us all. 8-D

    PageStream as a program is about 33 years old, and started on the Atari ST as a program called Publishing Partner, which then morphed and improved into its early form of what we now know as PageStream, which it is still known as today.

    Frank, is mainly responsible for the MUI compatibility and how it now functions in PageStream, along with more involved in-depth code investigation into the difficulties that existed in those early v5.x.x.x of PageStream that failed to "lift-off". So Frank, and Christoph (and his son) ... and of course Deron Kazmaier, have spent many, many hours all "beavering" away during this year getting it to the point where it runs to a standard that it could be released to the unsuspecting public ... us. 8-)

    Frank will probably never get compensated financially for all his effort, but from what I have learned from him, he is a noble, efficient, ambassador of a human being, that we are all very lucky to have at the helm of MorphOS. Christoph is an expert and aficionado with PageStream, and a friend of Frank's, so together they approached Deron to make the idea that formed this project of a working version for MorphOS an actual reality.

    They have all spent many, many long hours pawing over the program structure to achieve something that many felt would never be realised, and but for these guys that is exactly where it would have remained - as version in a folder on Deron's system, unusable, and unloved.

    So, Frank and Christoph together with Deron have, for all our benefits, worked most of this year getting the code structure into a working codebase to a point where it currently is, as version 5.1.2, and it works very nicely, and very stably. 8-)

    This is probably not the final destination on its journey, as there has been talk of further future enhancements to its development, so along with Deron Kazmaier its original author, who has been very helpful to get it to where it currently now is for we MorphOS users, and Frank Mariak (cyfm to us on M-Zone) & Christoph Poelzl (who is rms on M-Zone) may take on even more tricky adventures into code-world with PageStream in the future. We will have to see how it all goes from here on, but I feel the story of our "code-knights" should be stated with nothing less than glowing praise for them all.

    I just thought you all should know some of the "Legend and History of PageStream for MorphOS", and of the gratitude we should all feel for what they have all achieved for us all to enjoy utilising. It's a fantastic D.T.P. application - for any platform, and the fact that we now have a fixed release on MorphOS is indeed cause for celebration.


    Getting back to the topic:

    Travis_H wrote: I do remember playing around with a version of PageStream (perhaps an early version 5) for AmigaOS that was incredibly buggy and not worth the time. I can't remember if it was a paid upgrade or not. Either way, my "Registrations" on his website says "Version 5.1."

    That version (5.1) shows on my profile, but relates to v5.0.5.8, and I can be sure that currently there is not to my knowledge (having spoken to Deron by email only the other day) that there is still no v5.1 for Amiga OS3, so I feel sure that it is a "typo"/mistake for it to be shown on your profile as that. ;-)

    [UPDATE] For the info of Travis_H and anyone else who owns the OS3 v5 of PageStream - as I mentioned before
    On 13-Sep-2022, NewSense wrote:
    Hi Deron @ PageStream, I spotted on my profile that there is a registered product of PageStream v5.1 for Amiga OS3,
    but as far as I know you haven't released a version 5.1 for Amiga OS3 or have you just not told me that you have? Also, I cannot see a v5.1 for Amiga OS3 in my download profile, just the old v5.0.5.8a ! (aka NewSense)
    Reply from Deron @ PageStream
    When I bumped the version from 5.0 to 5.1, I bumped _ALL_ registrations from 5.0 to 5.1. No actual 5.1 versions exists except those you know about. Deron
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