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    NewSense wrote:

    By the way, I think the PageStream 5.1 Pro for AmigaOS 3 is a "typo" as there is no v5.1 Pro for Amiga OS3.x AFAIK. The nearest was v5.0.5.8 which never worked, and I am very sure there has been no further work for the 68k version of any significance up to this date. ;-)

    The version I've used for years on Amithlon and Morphos is version Unfortunately, when I upgraded my MacMini with an SSD, PageStream stopped working.

    I do remember playing around with a version of PageStream (perhaps an early version 5) for AmigaOS that was incredibly buggy and not worth the time. I can't remember if it was a paid upgrade or not. Either way, my "Registrations" on his website says "Version 5.1."
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