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    Thanks for pointing me to that.

    I bought it and so far it works great, worth the money.

    Never thought I would be able to run a business and use PolyOrganizer, PageStream, Iris, Wayfarer. MOS is the productivity King!

    Now I need to figure out a bounty to get project management into PolyOrganizer and clean up loose ends in it. Would be really sweet to using linking somehow with Iris. It would be amazing for CRM, Calendar, and emails. Just as good as the pc software.


    Zetec-s wrote:
    Hi Matt

    There is another thread already about this, although the title isn't very clear;


    I downloaded the demo last night and I've got to say it really is very good and appears extremely stable as far as I can tell. I am definitely thinking I will purchase it.

    By all accounts a great effort from the wider community to get this developed and out.
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