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    I said all along that this issue is a 'pig' (apologies to any 'pigs' out there) of a problem to fix.

    Like you, I spent ages trying to figure out what would make it work, and I am not sure just one single thing made it work correctly, but it is working OK on my system, so I don't want to mess with it to upset it all over again.

    I KNOW it is possible to get it working, but just try everything that is mentioned, and then a few things besides, if you can think of anything else to alter slightly, and then see if that gets it working.

    I really wish I could say ........ it's this item/setting you need to change, ... BUT I am not sure that what I say is definitely what was the problem for me, but all the things that have been mentioned to you, were mentioned to me, and EVENTUALLY I got it working OK ... you will as well, EVENTUALLY. ;-)

    If anyone works out what thing(s) it is that need to be changed to get it working after the standard Installer routine, then please say, as it is something worth knowing - for any future users information/knowledge.
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