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    Try renaming the Pagestream.prefs file with the ending ORIG, or something similar, and using the file as a starting point copy the text file and rename it to Pagestream.prefs again. I seem to remember it was an issue with the assign of the FONTS: directory, so you can edit the prefs file with a standard text editor, and where in the prefs it indicates FONTS: as the correct directory I changed mine to Pagestream4:Fonts (make sure that Pagestream4: is assigned in your user-startup.

    If that doesn't work then just delete the Pagestream.prefs file (as you will have the Pagestream.prefsORIG copy of the prefs file to fallback to - if necessary) and close the program, if you have it open. Which should let Pagestream re-create a new Pagestream.prefs file when it starts up.

    I seem to remember that fixed the issue I had with getting the fonts to display correctly, along with the 16 bit screenmode, but you already seem to be aware of that issue.

    I had similar troubles with Pagestream, and it was a real pain to get it working well, but once fixed it works fine on my Mac Mini MOS system, and I hope it will for you as well.

    I believe Deron Kazmaier (Pagestream author) is working on a MorphOS port of Pagestream, but don't hold your breath, as his work output for Pagestream of recent, and his response to questions has been sadly overly delayed, or met with no reply, but I believe he has been in contact with the MOS Development team recently and confirmed he is working on the MOS port of Pagestream.

    Anyway, good luck with getting Pagestream working correctly, and please let us all know how you get on.
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