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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:

    Jim schrieb:
    FreeBSD on a P1022? I'd buy a cheap Zen2 based system first.

    BTW - You have some really nice toys!

    Thanks! I actually play with these toys on a daily basis, one or the other. ;-)

    Zen2 based != cheap.
    If you want cheap you should look for 2nd hand AMD FX 4x00/6x00 rigs. I got a board+CPU+RAM combo (FX 6300) for just 50 € for a friend. :-o Surely an improvement over his old Phenom II X4.

    BTT - the P1022 really may have a better future on FreeBSD than on Debian:
    a.) FreeBSD runs on Big Endian PowerPC
    b.) llvm/clang is the system compiler since FreeBSD 10.0
    c.) powerpcspe is supported as target arch since llvm/clang 7.0.1

    Yes, I moved from a Phenom X4 that could be unlocked to an X6 then to an FX6300. Gtood stuff, and Zen still buries it.
    A cheap 4 core/8 thread Zen2 will be the bargain of the year.
    Higher core count cpus with be awesome.

    So, would I want to run a PPC at 1/3rd the clock speed with 1/4 of the threads at a higher cost?
    Don't think so.
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