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    I support Jim's views about the prospects of A1222/Tabor. Especially after I have seen an EFIKA in action (at GamesCon 2017). It's just so *sloooowww*... I mean not MorphOS itself, it runs pretty well and seems well optimized! But as soon you start any kind of application or game which is at least a little demanding in terms of CPU or RAM it crawls. No point in running SDL games, no point in running Battle Squadron, no point in running OWB... IMHO the EFIKA support could be dropped (if this makes sense for the greater good).

    On the other side the SAM460 did well at running games & applications with ease. The only downside is, that it's not for sale any longer... IMHO the Tabor will do very well as SAM/EFIKA replacement, at least that's what people report using it for OS4/Linux. And it's cheaper too.

    The PPC-Apple systems are best at mobility as Cego said. I use my PowerBook G4 much more often than my G5. What I dislike about the PPC-Apples is the "OpenFirmware graphic cards mess". It REALLY is annoying to have to rely on an old OF-capable card if you want to see any boot messages! Maybe this is less of a hassle when you don't use your machine in a Linux dual-boot environment, but if you do it certainly is. Even if you got through the yaboot-bootloader mess it is. I can hardly imagine that getting a proper GPU and using a dual or triple boot environment is that laborious on a SAM/X1000/x5000. ;-)
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