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    If you still have not succeeded , I have a few suggestions:
    - download the keymaps sourcecode from the MorphOS site (from https://morphos-team.net/sources you can select for instance the keymaps from MorphOS 3.15)
    - have a look at pc105_d.c (the german keymap, which is one of the most complete for obvious reasons) and compare with one without dead keys defined, like pc105_gb.c or pc105_sp.c for reference
    - you will notice that in order to implement dead keys you have to indicate the "target" keys (usually a, e, i, o, u and y) and the proper dead keys used in the combination to generate the accent (for instance f, g, h, j, k) as D|V in the lokeymaptypes[]. You will see that also the spacebar is defined as D|A in the hikeymaptypes[]. Then you have to create the const UBYTE keyXX_descr[] for those keys (which I see you did) and substitute BYTES(whatever) in lokeymap[] with DEAD(keyXX_descr).
    I hope this can help you.

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