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    Hello, i'm tryng to load MorphOS on WinUAE, i'm able to load OS4 but not to load MorphOS...

    is there any guide to achieve?

    Is it possible to have any way to get MorphOS native compatibility from MorphOS to UAE? I mean that I think in add compatibility to virtual UAE hardware like UAEZorro, etc to achiev perfect simbiosis with UAE in Windows or Linux and then to be able to run from MorphOS all the apps on de HostingOS.

    I can do it from AmikitXE, and we can run from de OS3.9.1.4 any windows app like Clip Studio Paint, Blender, MSOffice 365, etc... and of course Directory Opus 12.23 windows version XD, it is amazing and will be better to do it from MorphOS in WinUAE, and it is possible but not real at the moment.

    Please can you think on it?
    May be possible to dream it?

    I dislike linux interfice of user, it is only for codders users and I think AmigaOS can be a good chance betwin Windows MiniOS and WinUAE

    PD. try MINIOS, is the best Windows modded version without spying or bloadware.

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