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    jarokuczi wrote:
    Welcome. Is there any advantage of using 10.3 rather than 10.4?

    Smaller memory footprint (bearing in mind the Mini's 1GB ceiling and how memory-hungry OS X applications tend to be compared with MorphOS), better bundled software suite imo, and better, more compatible Classic environment by most accounts.

    ASiegel wrote:
    The user name has been changed. You will need to use the new name for logging in.

    Thank you so much! I had some initial difficulty logging back in, but that seems to have been sorted out.


    Here's a question for y'all: How do I get my MorphOS installation to show up in the Startup Disk chooser in OS X, so I don't have to hold option every time I want to boot into MorphOS? I thought about selecting the "OS X startup" option for my existing Boot partition, but will this damage my existing installation?

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