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    Hi! My name is Ilia. I'm a 32-year old transfeminine enby nerd and a big fan of both vintage and non-x86 computer architectures. I've got an account on Macintosh Garden as PPCenby and kinda wish I registered that username here, but compulsively entered one I use elsewhere... Mods?

    Well, after lurking here and occasionally running the MorphOS demo for years, I recently acquired a "silent upgrade" Mac Mini G4. Just hours ago I finally took the plunge and registered my new MorphOS 3.17 installation on that machine! The previous owner upgraded it with a 120GB SSD and I upgraded the optical drive to a Superdrive after the combo drive quickly failed during the initial install attempt.

    After some initial confusion with the partitioning scheme, I set it up to dual boot the latest version of MorphOS with Mac OS X 10.3.9. "But wait!" I hear some of you say; "the 'silent upgrade' logic board only supports 10.4.2 minimum!" While this is officially true, it's nothing a little open firmware magic couldn't subvert... Just change the 'model' and 'compatible' properties to indicate PowerMac10,1 (instead of 10,2) and hand off the boot to the older version of the OEM Mac Mini install disc, which will pass its checks and graciously install itself onto your souped-up Mini, none the wiser! ;)
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