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    @ StantheMorphOSMan - The Epson file you need for that printer seems it should be in - System> MorphOS> Data> Printers> epson-escpr-wrapper, and in that printers folder there is an additional PPD folder (no icon) that has an epson.ppd.lha - not sure if you need to add that to System> Devs> Printers as I am not sure which model you actually have :-?, and I don't own such a printer, so I don't know if the epson.ppd file is required - maybe worthwhile unarchiving it and putting it in Devs> Printers anyway, if you don't need it nothing adverse will happen anyway. 8-)

    However, for a PostScript printer like my HP2500 you need to use the "Printers" system printer mechanism ... NOT "Printer" (no 's' on the end). You need to physically add your PPD file (mine is "HP2500_6.PPD") into the System> Devs> Printers folder, and then using the MorphOS (System Settings) Preferences> Printers - link to it via the Drivers tab using the "Add..." button, and then select it within the Printer profile tab and also select the other methods you want to use, such as the "Output path" (printer device i.e. USBPAR, NETPAR, etc.), Options. ;-)

    With a bit of luck that should be about it . . . I can't guarantee it as I don't have the printer type you have acquired for use with MorphOS, but it would be nice to know if you are successful in getting it to function correctly. 8-D
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