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    Pro 8035 understands PCL3 GUI (which is not compatible to other PCL3). I'm afraid that won't work with MorphOS new printing system and not with the old one (Turboprint) too. You may try an old HP-Deskjet-driver in Turboprint and test. And if it even works, it will print only in low resolution.

    Workforce 4833: Don't find any information about his print language - I assume EPSON has its own language. But there seems to be a way to print PDF-files directly.
    So create an logical network-device for that printer (let say named PRTN: ) with netprinter.device and print a pdf direct to the device. (for help: https://library.morph.zone/Print_System)

    copy <file.pdf> >PRTN:

    If it works, there may be a chance that this printer can also understands postscript.

    Edit: Oh, Andreas was quicker.....!!

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