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    > I have an OfficeJet Pro 8035

    According to specs, this is a PCL3GUI-only printer, so chances to make it work with MorphOS are slim, even with TurboPrint.

    > our network printer is an Epson Workforce 4833.

    This one has a good chance to work with the new MorphOS printing system as MorphOS 3.12 "Added driver for Epson ESC/P-R printers", with ESC/P-R happening to be the native language of this model.

    > If the HP won't work, I'll buy one of the Turbo print compatible printers :)

    I suggest using a printer that's compatible with the new MorphOS printing system (which means PostScript, PCL5, ESC/P-R, SPL2/SPLc) and not take ancient TurboPrint into account.
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