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    Welcome Stan!

    The PowerBook is a great laptop for MorphOS. Dan is also a great resource for the community, enjoy his videos as well.

    If you own TurboPrint from the Amiga days, all of those printer drivers are compatible with MorphsOS. I use an old Deskjet driver from TP and it works perfectly.
    To copy:
    1. Go to the printers directory in TP on your Amiga.
    2. Copy them into MOSSYS:TP/Printers. (Normally I don't touch the MOSSYS:, but I don't know how to do it otherwise.

    Good luck! If you get the bug of MorphOS like I have, I just updated to a PowerMac 2.7 with a X1950 and it flies like crazy. I can watch HD content easily and everything is fast. So if you get a bug for more speed, that is one way to go...

    Have fun!


    StantheMorphOSMan wrote:
    Hi everyone!

    I'm not totally new to MorphOS (AROS either but that's another story) but every time I tried installing it, I could never get past the initial install.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I ould get an HP OfficeJet printer working with GhostScript 8.70? I'm trying to make a new system for Christmas with 3.17 and Dan Wood's advice for extras. I anticipate a 2GB PowerBook G4 with a 480GB SSD. Just need modern conveniences on it.

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