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    bearerofthetorch wrote: Why? I don't understand nothing you say.

    I think Piru - also one of the MorphOS Development Team is trying to tell you that what you are trying to do is seemingly beyond your logic and technical capabilities, at least that is what I sadly have to agree with. The advice you have been given by AmigaWorld and from here is good advice, but you don't seem to have followed that advice as it was generously given.

    bearerofthetorch wrote: I was only trying to restore Morphos and since today AmigaOS 4.1 FE Update 2 too.

    . . . and that is why it seems you have got yourself into more of a mess than anyone would have hoped you would. Ideally you need to either send the HDD back to the original retailer, if they will agree to reformat the HDD to the original specs you wanted it to be supplied as, and then 'learn' how to do the things you want to do from the MorphOS library . . . at your own speed! 8-)

    bearerofthetorch wrote: Where is the helping hand of the Amiga comunnity?

    There is only so much help that remote words of wisdom can offer to assist you. However, when you have done what you seem to have done to 'banjax' (disable) your previously working (OS4.x), and MorphOS installation - that probably had a corrupted HDD system partition, that could more than likely have been fixed with SFSDoctor by first checking it, and then use the built-in tools in that program to repair it (without the need to format - the incorrect HDD - OS4.x). Not forgetting to say that you still failed to follow the basic instructions you were given so far, then I don't think it is fair to say there has been no 'helping hand' offered to you.

    I should also ask . . . why ask for advice related to MorphOS on the AmigaWorld site instead of asking for initial advice about a MorphOS problem . . . first of all . . . on the MorphOS forum website? :-?

    I hope you have learned a lot from this 'mess' that you have got yourself into, by not following the good advice given, but maybe I'm being too optimistic in that regard, sadly. However, I do hope you eventually get it all fixed, but you need to follow good free advice when it is offered to you. 8-D

    Users on here, and even on AmigaWorld, some of whom are from the MorphOS Development Team, and others who are betatesters for MorphOS, have been as generously helpful as they can be, bearing in mind you are at a remote location, and do not seem to be as technically/logically applied as might be expected for a user of an Amiga NG system. 8-)

    You seem to need to know the principles of Hard Disk partitioning before you take a further step - specifically with Amiga type systems. It's not difficult, well I hope it's something you can learn to improve your understanding on, very soon. 8-)

    I would be prepared to discuss the issues you have - by further discussion by way of a PM, to save others wasting their time giving you good advice, only to end up frustrated by reading that you've got into a worse situation, using your own 'helping-hands'. :-)

    I offer my advice, for what it is, as it's better to have 1 source to get the same thread of discussion than get sidetracked by others also offering good advice that distracts you from solving the problem(s) you have currently.

    I have owned a SAM 440 flex with OS4.1 FE Update 2, and I own several MorphOS systems, some of which also have MacOSX on them, and several Classic Amiga systems as well. I also have self-installed Windows systems, though I care little about them, but my advice is based on a total of 35 years experience overall, so if you want some specific advice then send me a PM, as it seems to be unfair keep asking for advice on the forums and then failing to follow what good advice you've been given. :-)
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