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    jPV wrote:
    You didn't check the filesystem first as suggested earlier on every forum?

    No I haven't check any filesystem

    The great mess or problem is that not only Morphos but AmigaOS4.1 doesn't boot right now.This was after trying to install Morphos on a HD destined for the task.

    On U-Boot trying to boot Morphos it says:

    Trying to load "bootcyrusplus.img" from "DH0:"...
    trying to load "boot.img" from "DH0:"...
    trying to load "l/slb2" from "DH0:"...
    faild to load a valid MorphOS kernel

    I am lost in the ice...what can I do now?

    I went minutes ago to Hyperion website but it doesn't show any OS4 downloads for X>5000s Amigas...
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