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    Hello, I've purchased a licensed copy of Wordworth 6 Office from 1996. However, I can't get the installation to work.
    My setup is:
    PowerBook 6.5
    1200 MHz
    735 MB RAM
    MorphOS 3.15

    After booting up, I open the shell, cd to english_products/wordworth_6, then do:
    execute install_wordworth_6

    After choosing "Expert User" at the installer, then "Install for real", then chosing the destination for the "Wordworth6" folder, it asks: "Do you wish to install the small font library?"
    Whether I click "Yes" or "No", it bails out with the message:
    "Sorry... an Error Has Occured!
    MAKEDIR: Couldn't create directory
    DOS Error Type: Cause of disk-.related error unknown."

    The Wordworth6 folder has been created by the installer, though, but it is empty.
    Logging the installation process to a file doesn't work.

    How can I find out what went wrong and proceed with the installation? Any help would be appreciated.
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