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    I bought a new capture card for personal needs.
    But also thinking about morphos that I am always enthusiastic about :-)

    i bought avermedia plus 2 model
    and I tried to make some videos it works perfectly.
    In some cases it does not lock some demos and unfortunately E-UAE works on frequencies it cannot lock.
    Including aliens vs predator
    Otherwise it works fine taking into account that I still use 52.34 drivers for HDMI compatibility
    But in summary it is really good you can use it in most cases.
    Who knows if anyone among you chooses it and maybe improves the drivers :-)
    (It would be nice if some developer maybe buy it)
    And comfortable works with OSB and similar programs but also simply recording with a simple button.
    The quality of the videos seems very high.


    Thanks as always for your work.
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