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    Perfect, I did it :-)
    Now everything works perfectly.
    The audio is perfect.
    I bought some cables for testing
    In summary you need:
    1 jack cable (splitter) composed of 2 females and 1 male
    this is used to hear the audio while it is being recorded using headphones or external speakers very comfortable and practical.
    1 male jack cable to directly connect the audio output to the audio-IN port of the PC in use.
    And enable in this case on windows 10 audio mixer.
    Then there are the settings to be made in OBS
    I won't go into unnecessary explanations but in summary it works perfectly with Morphos for those who want to record videos.

    Here is the final result, I am very happy with the result

    Thanks,for the tip and it was very helpful I added a splitter for ease of use.

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