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    Thanks for the tips,
    I will certainly do some tests with the methods you have advised me.

    For the purposes of its use morphos is perfect.
    And probably making videos is not very important but this is a small solution for capturing videos and I like to do it.
    Well I just have to place the powerbook somewhere on the desk and find its right space :-)
    I will have removed the cables dozens of times for testing and rebooted many times.
    the powerbook seems to resist :-)
    here the audio quality with the audio captured with the microphone.
    I think it is acceptable for its uses, I probably have to perhaps reduce the hiss of the microphone via Morphos in some way or decrease the maximum volume of the microphone to attenuate the hiss.
    I have not yet fully become familiar with the system.
    here the capture card with the audio captured through the powerbook microphone attached to the capture card.

    Taking into account the low costs it seems to me a good solution
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