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    Thanks for the reply.
    unfortunately my monitor does not have internal speakers and I cannot test it in this way.
    but the problem lies in the powerbook at least I think
    I just need to find a "male" to "male" audio cable and everything should work if they exist built I'm not familiar with these types of cables.

    The quality of the video surprised me I used a simple compression in reality the quality is the same as the original if I directly use the nvidia codec with OBS.
    But I was focused on how to make it work :-)

    I just wanted to add that oddly enough for it to work I had to do it like this:
    i first connected the powerbook with the dvi-hdmi cable to the main monitor
    I chose Mob.1 as the video output
    then i disconnected the dvi-hdmi cable from the main monitor
    and I connected it to the "VIDEO IN" capture card
    and I used the TV with HDMI output as a "bridge"
    Then work again on the main monitor with OBS
    and everything works.

    If I do not carry out these steps, the acquisition card does not recognize any signal with Morphos.

    But now it works :-)
    I'm glad I hope to find a simple audio cable that will allow me to acquire audio as well.
    Sorry for the somewhat chaotic explanation :-)
    Maybe it's useful for improving this aspect.

    the card is this:

    it is working on my powerbook you can see where I should connect the audio of the powerbook to capture the audio

    an audio cable similar to this should solve the audio problem, I hope :-)


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