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    Capture card test works
    I tried with the video capture card I have available
    it's cheap I got it used for 27 euros :-)
    it works perfectly
    I had to use a few little tricks to get it to work in conjunction with the OBS software.
    It currently runs at 1920x1080 60fps

    The only problem is that I would have to take a small cable to capture the audio as well.
    So the current problem is finding an audio cable to plug into the Powerbook's (headphone) audio output that allows me to connect directly to the capture card and it should work just fine.
    So as to capture the audio as well.
    Currently I have no idea what I should buy should cost a few euros :-)

    the method is a bit cumbersome but it works as soon as I can do everything, maybe I write a few lines to explain the steps.

    here the quality of the video seems excellent to me with only 27 euros spent. new costs 49 euros:

    what audio cable could I buy for the powerbook to connect it to the powerbook headphone output and which therefore has a "jack" to be put in the acquisition card?
    Thank you.

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