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    pikewerfer wrote: Scenario A: I open Morpheus. I then open WORK. The window for WORK stays behind Morpheus. Since I double-clicked on WORK after I opened Morpheus, I would expect the WORK window to be in front of Morpheus.

    Have you got System> Settings> IControl> Hotkeys> Active Window: To Front (double mouse_leftpress) active/commented?

    I also have Alt-Tab utility available, so by using those keys (like MS Windows) you can swap the current window to any other one of the your inactive wndows to become the active one by however many number of windows you have active you need to cycle through to become the one you want to be the active window.

    pikewerfer wrote: Scenario B: I close Morpheus. Nothing happens. I then notice that there is a small window behind Morpheus saying "Quit the program? OK or CANCEL". This window should be in front of Morpheus, right?

    Don't forget you are trying out one of the most "buggy" programs there is (IMHO), so many of the things you might rightfully expect to happen just don't, and you're lucky that you haven't had a crash with it when using it. :-( However, you're right it should be in the front, but using either Alt-Tab or clicking the left or right mouse button over the front-back icon in a window will give you other options to see any window that is still open to take whatever action you want to confirm/use/close - at least that should happen. ;-)

    pikewerfer wrote: Concerning overclocking - I was told that overclocking the Mac mini from 1.25 to 1.5 would work with the cooling provided with the Mac mini. I am willing to try it - provided I can find someone to do it for me. :-)

    I wish you luck finding someone to take on that challenge, and make a success of it. 8-)
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