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    @ pikewerfer - Initially I had great hopes for some of the projects by Carsten Siegner regarding his office software. However, after each and every program was released the bugs, and instability were then pointed out to Carsten, but they never seemed to get fixed. Any request for a more standardised approach to wordprocessor functionality, such as, use of Control or Alt, in combination with other keypresses, to jump from one word to the next or highlight text for deleting or copying/cutting, and other quite standard features then Carsten didn't change his approach (his prerogative - his program) along with the bugs that he didn't fix, new program, after next new program, more instability, new bugs, all never getting fixed, until the next new buggy program was released.

    I then realised that I was wasting my time expecting any of the bugs or non-standard features to be modified to a more standardised feature set, and I rarely waste my time trying them out as they more often than not just end up freezing or crashing MorphOS.

    As Andreas Wolf mentioned I like Folio, but I am not sure where Andre Siegel is currently positioned with its successor, as Folio has a few issues in that it saves RTF but can't load it, and I've not found it too successful at saving RTF anyway. You can save PDFs quite successfully, but even its own native document format has its own nuances and problems, well that's what I found. However, I like the idea/concept and have hope that Andre Siegel will follow up the program with a better successor to Folio.

    For most of wordprocessing I use PageStream v4 Pro (Classic Amiga version - 68k) which runs using "Trance" the built-in 68k emulator for such software and it runs fairly stably. It also offers features of fonts that you just don't get with basically any other MorphOS program, along with it being fully-featured DTP software, and there is hope of a MorphOS native version 5 still being worked on. :-)

    Sadly, most wordprocessor packages that were part of Classic Amiga haven't been updated to MorphOS, and is one side of MorphOS that is lacking. Some users still rely on Final Writer, but recently for me it refuses to start correctly, and WordWorth has issues that make it unsuitable. There was a chance that Final Writer would see a new native version for MorphOS, but this has been left 'hanging' as far as I know. There certainly has not been any headway in news as to its completion of recent months.

    There was a chance that Libre Office would make it to Amiga systems, but this has currently not materialised, certainly not for MorphOS.

    I don't like 'cloud' software, but I believe Google Docs works OK. I tried it when OWB was initially capable of using the features, but as I don't trust 'cloud' data storage I haven't used it since.

    Folio uses OWB but locally as the interface for writing/saving documents to your own local system data storage, that's why I like it, as that seems like a great way of utilising the advanatges of a modern web-browser for wordprocessing/DTP.

    I'm not sure what you meant by . . .


    BTW - how can I make sure that new windows that open are on top?

    Do you mean new screens or new programs that you start on Ambient, or just system or HDD directory/folder windows? Or something completely different? :-?

    If you mean a new program like Morpheus (if you're brave enough to run it) then you can always open it on its own separate screen - using MUI Prefs options, if you've enough VRAM, which on a 32MB GFX system like your MacMini 1.25GHz might be a bit of a 'stretch', unless you don't use 'Enhanced Display' option.
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