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    OK, I am back :-) Continuing my journey down the rabbit hole. I am currently looking for someone who can help me overclock this old Mac so I can get MorphOS to run faster. Having more power might decrease the issue of the browser just reacting too slow to really work with it.

    I have also talked to the head of our Type Department, and he is willing to give this a go (after some persuasion and reminding him of favors he owes me). So he will discuss this with Marketing - and we will hopefully get an OK for a font package being released for Morph-Users. YAY! I will let you know once I myself know more.

    Anyway, I now got my browser and my email client set up. Works fine. I am now looking for a good Word Processor. Morpheus is cool - but way too buggy. Any tips? I read that Scriba is good?

    BTW - how can I make sure that new windows that open are on top?
    Mac Mini 1.25 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, MorphOS 3.17
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