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    Zetec-s wrote:
    You've reached the same point that we all do after using MorphOS, the need for speed!

    Hence, why I picked up a G5 after starting with a MacMini.

    MorphOS and particularly Wayfarer are so good, you just know that with a JIT Java implementation and more modern hardware it really would be able to be a proper daily driver, rather than a weekend bit of fun.

    That's just it! Being a newbie here, I can honestly say that this OS is so much fun and impressed me with its slick, cool design, and just awesome features. BUT - to turn it into the machine I boot every morning, I need speed, power - and a great cutting edge browser. The BB 4CPU board is $2,048.28. I would definitely pay this to get a modern MorphOS machine! (I would need some time to get the money saved up - but hey!).

    Now, I do understand that Amiga applications are important to a lot of people. To a newbie like me, they are not that important. I'd rather have power, speed, browser. :-)

    I work as a Scrum PO (amongst other things), my experience has been that a good team can definitely find ways to get there once one defines a goal. Being the new guy, I am still unsure what the goal of the community is?

    Have a legacy system to support Amiga apps - is that the main focus?
    Or port it to new, faster machines to go next level - is that something that many people want? Or are Zetec-s and myself a minority?
    Or, if there is a fair balance between those two options - would there be a possible compromise? Maybe two different builds of MorphOS?

    Another question would be budget & commitment - I strongly assume that most (if not all) devs are doing this as a hobby. How much money would we be able to raise to get new hardware for dev purposes? Let's assume we get some BB machines - how many stories can we allocate to which developers? What would the commitment be? Who does sprint planning?

    Oh, and finally - sorry for being so nosy and curious - if I am going on everybody's nerves, it is totally ok to tell me to shut up and let it be :-D
    Mac Mini 1.25 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, MorphOS 3.17
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