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    >> MorphOS cannot read more than 1.8Gb of RAM, if I've got
    >> that figure correct, or thereabouts, so no matter how
    >> much more RAM you fit it won't be useable under MorphOS.

    > My whole work day consists of sitting in front of a browser - I hardly
    > ever open anything else. My browser contains everything I need to work:
    > [...]. I have a browser with about 20 open tabs. [...] concerning work,
    > only speed and browser power is relevant. Which means - if I want to use
    > MorphOS for work I need to make sure that: a. it runs on systems that
    > are really fast and b. have a browser that is cutting edge.

    With MorphOS, there are at least those problems (probably more) with your browser requirement:
    - MorphOS can only use up to 1.7 GiB RAM, which means only up to 1.5 GiB for the browser, which surely wouldn't suffice for 20 web apps running concurrently
    - MorphOS can only use 1 CPU core, no matter how many there are in the hardware, so this single core will have to run all your web apps
    - even the latest PowerMac G5 is 16 years old, which shows performance-wise
    - Wayfarer lacks a JavaScript JIT compiler, making modern web apps run even slower

    > At the moment, MorphOS is only running on Legacy Systems.

    While probably not everyone would agree with calling the X5000 a legacy system, MorphOS running on it has the same limitations mentioned above (yes, also performance-wise, although it is more than a decade younger than the latest PowerMac G5).

    > I hope there will be a new PPC computer that is fast
    > and high-end somewhere in the future.

    There have been for some years (as I linked to in comment #44). Direct links:


    I guess if the MorphOS team had (a) Blackbird(s), a port would be highly likely.

    > once it is, MorphOS would be a really inexpensive awesome alternative
    > for companies who work with web apps all the time, but only have
    > limited budget for their hardware. If they have to buy 10 G5 Macs and
    > pay 79 bucks per seat instead of buying 10 M1 Apple Macs .... well :-)

    I really don't think this reasoning makes sense, first for the reasons mentioned above, and second because AMD64/x64/x86-64 hardware with G5 level performance can also be had for (next to) nothing. I don't see any economic incentive for companies to utilize Power(PC) systems running MorphOS for their employees.
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