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    @NewSense - thank you so much for all of your help! So I daresay we can conclude: if we want to create a Monotype Free Type Package for MorphOS users, then it should be OT TTF. These get recognized by most apps, and even those applications that cannot fully grab the complete char set can at least get the first two codepages, i.e. writing European languages would definitely be possible. So let me see what I can do here. It would be nice to give something to this community.

    @Andreas & NewSense - concerning the hardware: I strongly believe that the future of our everyday work will be cloud-based. My whole work day consists of sitting in front of a browser - I hardly ever open anything else.

    My browser contains everything I need to work: Slack, Google Docs, YouTube, JIRA, Confluence, Sharepoint, Drift, MS Office Online, etc. I have a browser with about 20 open tabs. The only separate app I have is my mail client - and even that I could do in my browser.

    Now, of course it is fun to work with lots of apps to do different things - especially retro stuff. But concerning work, only speed and browser power is relevant.

    Which means - if I want to use MorphOS for work I need to make sure that: a. it runs on systems that are really fast and b. have a browser that is cutting edge.

    At the moment, MorphOS is only running on Legacy Systems. So I will get a G5 and see how fast MorphOS will run for me. But naturally I hope there will be a new PPC computer that is fast and high-end somewhere in the future. And if there is, I would be more than willing to support and also donate to get MorphOS ported. :-)

    Concerning the browser - I really like Wayfarer. And I will naturally support it to get as good as Chrome :-) Because once it is, MorphOS would be a really inexpensive awesome alternative for companies who work with web apps all the time, but only have limited budget for their hardware. If they have to buy 10 G5 Macs and pay 79 bucks per seat instead of buying 10 M1 Apple Macs .... well :-) Plus I would then start using it for work as well :-D
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