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    pikewerfer wrote: @ cyfm - one quick question: should I uninstall the fonts I installed via FTManager before reinstalling them via TTEngine? Or would it be ok to actually install them twice? How would they be shown in the system fonts list if we do so?

    I have installed both fonts you sent me, and though they seem to be "seen" when installed through the FTManager (they have not currently been uninstalled from FTManager) , they are then not recognised once installed with TTEngine in FlowStudio as an available font, and neither are many of the fonts I have installed in my Sys:Fonts/_ttf directory as they are not shown as available as TTFonts for use in FlowStudio.

    I too managed to get the Syntax font you sent me, viewable in Morpheus v1.77.

    However, as you commented, and I have also remarked on MorphOS-Storage that Morpheus is somewhat CPU intensive and "flaky", but sadly Carsten Siegner has not fixed this program, just moved onto something else, yet again, leaving it half-finished (optimistically speaking), which is a pity as it did, like many of his projects, show some good ideas, just rarely stable/completely fixed.

    So, sadly the Syntax type font (OT CFF) is virtually unrecognised in many other applications, so far during my time testing it, which is a pity (Morpheus is the only application that has loaded/used it, which is strange that you should have tried it in that program and it worked - first time lucky - are you lucky at cards too 8-D).

    PageStream 4 won't recogonise the Syntax font in its font lister, once all the fonts have been installed in the Sys:Fonts/_ttf directory. Though WordWorth 7 loads it as an available font, but won't input the characters on the screen, whereas the Helvetica font you sent me does load/input characters on screen, and seems to work quite normally, even displaying the extended characters in PageStream 4.

    I tried to get RNOPublisher to load the Syntax and Helvetica font, which it seemed to do, but won't load all the extended character set, and also won't save the document as a PDF as it generates an error requester stating -
    An unexpected error occurred
    Unsupported ttf format (cannot find a necessary table) (detail 8)
    The program will quit, but a backup of the current document
    has been written to the RAM:RNOPublisher_crash_backup.rnd file
    Please report the error to the program author

    Which means I have to contact jPV about that error - but I have other points to raise about the program as well - so standby jPV for an email from me in the very near future.

    The Helvetica font pikewerfer sent me works in most circumstances, though only PageStream 4 is able to display the extended characters fully, as I cannot think of another MorphOS suported program that would allow Font Ctrl-C Mnemonic input or Ctrl-D Unicode input or even Windows type Alternate keypress input, like PageStream offers, but as the Syntax font is not really recognised in almost all of the applications I have tried so far it may be a step too far to get it to be recognised as it needs to be with the current TT Font engines/libraries that are part of MorphOS at this stage of development, but if others want to try the font they should contact pikewerfer to be able to do so, as I feel sure he would appreciate all the help he can get, if others have the time to test the fonts with MorphOS.

    pikewerfer wrote: @all - this is a really cool crowd, and I absolutely am enjoying my journey into MorphOS so far. I would like to continue - so I will now try to get better hardware (I currently have a Mac mini G4 1.25). What would the currently fastest machine be for MorphOS? Are there upcoming PPC machines one might want to pre-buy?


    Andreas Wolf wrote: . . . you could try to get an A-Eon AmigaOne X5000 (or just its CyrusPlus mainboard).

    @ pikewrefer - That would be a big outlay for you for such hardware, with you not knowing how much use you will get out of the system at this stage.

    If I was you, which I'm not, I'd try to get hold of a PowerBook A1138 or A1139 (both 1.67GHz G4 portable models), or another MacMini G4 (1.5GHz 64MB VRAM - "silent upgrade") model, from a system cost perspective, as those models are good at what they do. As I use a 1.5GHz MacMini for what I do most days, and I think you'll find, initially at least, it takes up only a small desktop area, or slotted onto a shelf, and you can use USB2 wireless mice or trackballs, and Bluetooth keyboards if you dual-boot with Mac OSX and use the pairing from there to initiate a bluetooth keyboard, which is what I do, or just use a standard USB2 keyboard, so you can sit back on a sofa/couch and access your machine in comfort, maybe even from a bath:-D, with a bluetooth keyboard, as you can control the mouse functions by using the Windows/Command+cursor key(s) or Windows/Command+Alt/Option+cursor key(s), or Shift+Command+cursor key(s).

    The PowerMac G5s are the most powerful Apple produced models supported by MorphOS AFAIK, but they are also the heaviest, largest, most power hungry systems that are available, and I've ended up with failed CPUs, which need to be replaced out or just swapped, and then thermally re-calibrated with Apple Service software CD, which can be obtained usually from an online search, or helpful MorphOS user, but Power Mac G5 models can generally be obtained fairly cheaply.

    This is just an oversight on hardware available, that I have learned from while using MorphOS, for you to get a realistic perspective for you to choose from. 8-)

    MorphOS cannot read more than 1.8Gb of RAM, if I've got that figure correct, or thereabouts, so no matter how much more RAM you fit it won't be useable under MorphOS. :-(
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