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    > What would the currently fastest machine be for MorphOS?


    > Are there upcoming PPC machines one might want to pre-buy?

    There are newish and upcoming Power(PC) machines, all of them without the prospect of MorphOS being ported to them, so do not pre-buy if MorphOS is what you want to run.
    As the MorphOS team has always said, the possibility of a port to hardware that the MorphOS team doesn't happen to own already or that a MorphOS team member doesn't want to get anyway necessarily depends on the respective hardware being donated to the MorphOS team.
    If you want a newly available (as in unused) machine that's in G5 ballpark performance-wise (but unfortunately lacks AltiVec/VMX SIMD) and that MorphOS already supports, you could try to get an A-Eon AmigaOne X5000 (or just its CyrusPlus mainboard).
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