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    The special charapters or symbols as in the cases of cirilic for Greek, chinesse or japanese kanji, they can show if the program or game uses them, but not if the program or game use the system default fonts and you use MorphOS with other language for example english, this feature from Windos doesn't work in Amiga systems, but if your game or program use the special fonts loaded they are show, for example my experiment fame Sabrina, cans show the the chinese and japanesse languages even in the menu but only under Windows in MorphOS and AmigaOS4 not, but the text inside the window they were showed perfectly in these Amiga systems.

    Hi there - would it be possible to make a short video showing this? I am not sure I get it. Thanks.

    You can also use the FlowStudio editor to test extended characters. In UTF-8/TTEngine mode, it uses a secondary font backend called TTEngine which is also used by some newer MUI apps like Iris and/or Wayfarer to have character support beyond the classical codepage range. MUI support for the new font backend has been introduced in MorphOS 3.12.
    In theory, you should be able to copy/paste UTF8 data from within a Wayfarer HTML page or load a UTF-8 coded text document with extended characters. You have to integrate new fonts using Tools/TTEManager instead of Tools/FTManager, though. At some point, both the legacy font system and the extended one will most likely be merged but currently they basically coexist for the time being.
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