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    pikewerfer wrote:

    However, the "official" way to install those fonts seems to be using a tool called FTManager. From what I understand, this tool analyzes the font file (which has to be a TTF?) and then creates two additional files (.font and .otag files). Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure if this is legal when using commercial fonts. I will need to check with our legal department. Most font foundries do not allow extracting font information from their fonts in order to create a new file.

    I think it's more like a wrapper to the font (to be compatible to Amiga font API or something like that) and doesn't actually extract much/any information from the actual font data. Generated .font files are only 4 bytes long, so they must only contain some binary file type identification bytes or such. And .otag file sizes are only couple hundred bytes and they mainly contain paths pointing to the actual font (in _ttf dir).

    So, my guess is that there probably isn't any copyrighted data extracted/converted, but maybe some MorphOS developer would know better :)
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