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    pikewerfer wrote: BTW - I tried to make screenshots for this thread, therefore installed Screenshot 1.4.

    The way jPV has instructed should work OK, but Grabber only saves PNG files, so I usually use SnapIt v1.5 (MorphOS Storage) as I find that easier and it saves as PNG or Progressive JPG, and isn't so fiddly with the default hotkeys (lshift lalt q / w / s), as sometimes you need to grab an image there and then, and SnapIt once you used the 2 keystroke hotkey (Ctrl+w - WINDOW) (Ctrl+s - SCREEN) (Ctrl +f - FREE GRAB) holds the screen at that moment and then mark just a graphical section of the screen (not video) that you want to save, so you can choose accurately what size you want to save until the grabbing has completed.

    Also, I use an Apple A1016 Bluetooth keyboard and it works fine for me - you choose whichever method you prefer as both should do what you want and be fine., but with SnapIt v1.5 I am happier using it , this is obviously also possible with Grabber, but I just feel more comfortable with SnapIt - it's maybe a personal thing - you decide. 8-)

    pikewerfer wrote: BTW. should anyone wish to accompany me in terms of font testing, let me know, and I will send you those two fonts. For testing purposes, this is ok. :-)

    OK, I'll test them for you if you like, just send me a PM and I'll let you have my contact for sending the fonts, or you can let me have yours and I'll get in touch that way, either way is fine with me. :-D
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