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    pikewerfer wrote:
    BTW - I tried to make screenshots for this thread, therefore installed Screenshot 1.4. However, I am using a Mac keyboard. And every time I try to adjust the keys to trigger Screenshot in the Screen Settings, the whole system freezes on me. If anyone can recommend a better way of making screenshots, I would be happy.

    You don't need to install anything for taking screenshots, because OS provides functionality for this. Press right mouse button over the right top corner (the Screen Depth Gadget), and enable Modules -> Grabber. Now left click over the new icon that appeared on the top bar. Either grab screen/window/etc with it directly, or select the "Grabber..." option to open a screen grab utility (which is also found from the Utilities directory).



    This isn't a valid path in MorphOS (or in AmigaOS for that matter), so if you really used this from a shell, for example, who knows what's happened :)

    Only partition (or actually volume/device/assign) name should end with the colon (:) character, that means that you only should have one colon in any path you enter. Directories in the path are separated with the slash (/) character. So it should be SYS:FONTS/_ttf/

    If you look at the filesize of the broken font, does it match with the original?

    If Morpheus could load the font, it must be have custom routines to check and load it. For installing a font system wide, you should do it according the guide.

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