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    @NewSense - thank you so much for the detailed reply, this was VERY helpful!

    So I put an OT TTF (Helvetica Now MT TEXT TTF) and an OT CFF font (SYNTAX PRO ROMAN OTF) into SYS:FONTS:_ttf

    Here I noticed the first strange incident. After copying the two files:


    to SYS:FONTS:_ttf, I received


    So for some reason, the system renamed the ttf but not the otf.

    I then went to MORPHOS STORAGE and downloaded MORPHEUS. It seems to be a Unicode-able Wordprocessor.

    And low and behold - it showed SyntaxLTPro-Roman in its list of fonts. I selected it - and it worked just fine! Success (the app as such is pretty clunky, though). However, I could not find the font in any other font list (which only seems to load the system fonts).

    I also could not get the TTF to work. It did not show up anywhere, not even MORPHEUS was able to see it. I renamed it, removing the ._ but that did not help either. Will continue to look into this. Fascinating.
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