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    pikewerfer wrote: What would be the easiest way to install and test a font? I found the fonts folder, but it seems to be empty... How do I install, and what app should I use to test?

    I imagine you have the folder option only visible to show Icons. You need to change the view to show "all files", or "thumbnail" by using the right mouse button context menu.

    These options can also be set as a default for your system, to any of the options available - from Ambient Settings > Window > and then look towards the bottom of that page to find [option] "Default View" - Icon/List. With a further [option] "Default View Mode" Icons/All files/Thumbnails, with the [option] to inherit view mode from one directory to sub-directories which is active if the button has a checkmark/tick visible on it).

    If you've managed that step then any new/additional fonts should be placed in the SYS:Fonts directory in a sub-directory you may have to create, and name it "_ttf" (so that's the default partition with all the MorphOS system folders (C, Devs, *Fonts*, Libs, Locale, etc.)/applications/games, etc. in it) in that Fonts directory, NOT the MorphOS (MOSSYS:) directory that resides in the SYS: directory.

    If you swap to that "All Files" option and you may see that the folder now seemingly contains some more files/folders. Though if this is a new installation you may only have the Fontconfig directory in there as the MorphOS -> MOSSYS directory installs some truetype fonts into its own fonts directory - which you are strongly advised not to change in any way.

    The MorphOS (MOSSYS:) directory should never be changed/added to/deleted from - apart from when instructed to do so, by a MorphOS Development Team Member, like the Wayfarer installation that requires the new "cgxvideo.library" added to the Libs directory to enable the new functionality for Wayfarer.

    If in doubt then please read the MorphOS Library instructions on installing TrueType Fonts and consider using the FTManager which resides in the SYS:Tools directory if you think that is necessary.

    As to applications to try out the new fonts, then I suppose I'd suggest Folio Beta version for use with OWB web-browser, but you cannot use it with Wayfarer currently as the Wayfarer engine does not fully interpret the application into a tab. So, you'd have to launch OWB v1.26 and then go back to Ambient, if you are running OWB/Odyssey on a separate screen, and launch Folio by double-clicking on its icon and it should open a new tab in OWB/Odyssey that you can write/edit in. Though you could choose any of the other Office > Wordprocessor applications on MorphOS Storage that offer such font choices/options. 8-D

    I take it you don't have any legacy Amiga software that uses ttf fonts, such as PageStream ?
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