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    not quite - but close.

    OT CFFs are OpenType fonts using PostScript outlines (Cubic Bézier) while OT TTFs are OpenType fonts using TrueType outlines (Quadratic Bézier). OT CFFs have the ending .otf. OT TTFs have the ending .ttf. Both fonts are OpenTypes.

    Most professional font foundries prefer OT CFF because their old fonts were all created with PostScript outlines (which was the preferred outline type for printers, desktop publishing (Macintosh!), graphic design, etc.). It was, therefore, a lot easier for them to convert their data into OpenTypes. Adobe is a good example here. They ONLY offer OT CFF.

    Microsoft, however, insisted on OT TTF - because all of their system fonts were TrueType. They also insisted on the ending .ttf. Otherwise, their older applications would not have been able to read the new fonts.

    Free fonts are usually OT TTF since it is a lot easier to create those.

    However, OT CFF is fast becoming the industry standard. Most operating systems and applications can nowadays do both, so foundries no longer take the extra work to create an additional OT TTF (Monotype is actually one of the few foundries that still does this for the majority of their fonts). Also, more and more free font tools allow you to create OT CFFs. The quality in high-res of those fonts is usually a little better, which is why the design industry prefers them.

    Concerning Converting tools: most foundries/licenses actually completely prohibit converting their fonts. Even free fonts usually do not allow this - only true OpenSource fonts under the Gnu Public License usually allow converting fonts. So I would strongly advise against converting fonts unless you have 100% permission from the owner/creator.

    If MorphOS is using the FreeType library, then there is a good chance it can actually use OT CFFs. They work fine on Linux.

    What would be the easiest way to install and test a font? I found the fonts folder, but it seems to be empty... How do I install, and what app should I use to test?

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