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    @ pikewerfer - If I understand the differences, it seems that CFF (Compact Font Format) fonts are Open Type based, but have some nuances in their design, as they use Cubic Bézier design, whereas TT (TrueType) fonts use quadratic Bézier design, which is a slightly more complex/laborious way of representing the glyphs. Additional to that rasterization of OT/CFF fonts seems to reduce the size of the font data, thus saving from about 20% to 50% in data size for each font. Which is even more apparent, I'm told, with Chinese, Japanese and Korean glyphs as they use more complex font glyph design which enlarges the font data compared to US/European font types.

    As MorphOS uses mainly TT Fonts I have not really been aware of CFF types, even though it seems they have been around since the late 1990s, but they do not seem to be particularly popular even on Windows or Macintosh Operating Systems as a general rule, as TT and OT fonts are more prevalent on those OSs, like MorphOS, but CFF seem to get incorporated into PDF documents on a more prevalent basis, if I've got that correct?

    However, there seem to be a few converters online that can convert such fonts from CFF to TTF/OTF so we should be able to make use of CFF, but possibly only if converted to TTF, unless you are able to have them supplied/available for download as TTF by default? :-?

    That's unless the MorphOS TT font engine/library can utilise them as-is, which is still, as far as I am aware, an unknown. As it seems you'll have some CFFs to hand, then maybe you'd like to try some of them on MorphOS and see how that goes and let us know, as I would like to know if CFF do get recognised correctly and can be used "out-of-the-box". 8-)
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