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    @ASiegel - I do agree, the iso should remain as small as possible. Maybe we could offer a font package free of charge for download to every MorphOS user? Will see what I can do here.

    We already have a font download script. No reason why it couldn't be extended to download more.

    Ah, so we could simply add to the existing repository. Sounds good. Give me until mid-August. I need to talk to a few people here :-)

    Concerning my journey: the system is up and running, and I have installed Wayfarer and Grunch. Currently wrestling with Wayfarer, as it does not want to do YT and FB (yes, I did install the additional lib) :-) . Most other standard websites work fine.

    Thinking about overclocking the Mac mini (from 1.25 to 1.5). Unfortunately, my hands are too shaky to do it myself :-D Need to find someone in the neighborhood.

    Next step on my journey: email client! Stay tuned.

    Oh, one more question concerning the fonts: Taking a look at FTManager, it seems MorphOS prefers OT TTF (or old TrueTypes). Do OT CFF work, too? Or will those not install/work?
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